How to Maintain Your Doors  

Your garage door is the biggest moving object in your house. Periodic maintenance is necessary to your door providing long trouble-free operation. The experts at MAAC Garage Doors in Frankfort, IL suggest some tips to help keep your doors in good working order. Maintenance should be performed at least twice a year.

Garage Door:

  • Clear your door tracks of dust and debris with an old paintbrush or small whisk broom
  • Lubricate your roller bearings, hinges, end bearings, and springs with a good quality silicone lubricant.
  • Never oil a rusty spring. Lubricants have rust inhibitors which will break down the rust and weaken the steel
  • Never grease your garage door tracks, the grease will attract dirt and dust causing premature breakdown of your rollers
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  • Grease your opener rail to prevent breakdown once each year
  • For Screw Drive Operators, use Genie Lube instead of grease
  • Test Safety devices per manufacturer’s instruction
  • Clear cobwebs from in front of safety sensors
  • Be sure safety sensors are aligned (sensor lights should be steady on and not flickering or flashing)


  • Clean your garage door with a nonabrasive cleaner as you would your car
  • Waxing your steel door will help prevent sun fade
  • WD40 works great for getting rid of grease spots without damaging the paint

Painting Steel Doors:

  • Clean door thoroughly before painting
  • Use steel wool or a brillo pad to scuff existing paint
  • Use a good exterior oil based paint
  • Dark colors may void your manufacturer warranty, always check before painting
  • Avoid getting paint on the inside of weather seal. Paint will stick to the door causing undesirable operation. We recommend removing the weather seal and replacing with new seal after the paint has cured (see paint for curing times)

Wood Doors:

  • Inspect exterior for splits or small cracks in wood
  • Door should be refinished at least every other year to prevent splitting and keep up appearance


  • Keep obstruction clear of sensors on each side of track
  • In areas where streets are salted be sure to clean the floor under your door each spring. Also be sure to clean off bottom of door as salt will cause rust which will not be covered by your warranty.

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